Mission organization: Control the clutter.

Despite all efforts to the contrary, our belongings accumulate in our homes and overwhelm us. ClutterFreeBox's mini storage rental with organizational storage solutionClutterFreeBox's mini storage rental with organizational storage solutionDon't call it junk - much of it we need to keep, such as tax records, holiday decorations, family heirlooms and sports equipment. All that stuff can be stressful, but imagine the peace of mind and the clean, organized home you'd have if you could truly manage these things more easily. ClutterFreeBox can help. It's an off-site storage service designed to not only organize and store your belongings but also make it easy to retrieve them whenever you want, using the Web.

You pack your belongings in specially designed boxes from ClutterFreeBox, then document and tag the contents. After you FedEx the boxes to the company, you can keep track of what you're storing and make plans to retrieve it using a simple Web interface (it's a little like Netflix). You can arrange to have your holiday decorations shipped back home on December 1, for instance, or to have your surfboard meet you in Malibu for spring break.

The service was created by entrepreneur Dan Peck (left), Dan Peck, ClutterFreeBoxDan Peck, ClutterFreeBoxwho with his team in Charlotte, N.C., has managed a corporate high-security storage facility since 2001.Joe CarusoJoe CarusoHe realized one day that the system large companies use could be adapted for individuals to organize their stuff. So, using the same team and storage facility, he created ClutterFreeBox. We heard about the service from Daily Grommet friend Joe Caruso (that's him on the right), who says it's "a new way of approaching an age-old problem: how to organize my stuff."

ClutterFreeBox uses modern technology to put a new (inter)face on plain old storage facilities. The result is an easy way to keep track of your stuff, all from the comfort of your uncluttered desk.

Learn more about ClutterFreeBox's mini storage rental with organizational storage solution here.

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