These Moms Made Millions with Their Simple Ideas

Ever had an idea for a new business and product that you were certain would rake in the big bucks? Michele Hoskins and Betsy Kaufman took their big ideas and turned them into multimillion dollar successes, and they shared their stories with Jeff on "The Jeff Probst Show."

Michele Hoskins was on welfare when she took a handed-down family recipe for syrup and started manufacturing it for stores. Now her Michele Foods product line is available is 10,000 retailers across the country! Watch the video above to hear how Michele got the ball rolling... it's all about the illusion of movement!

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Then, watch the video below to hear how Betsy Kaufman, a mom who was tired of peeling the shells from hard-boiled eggs, turned her simple idea into a huge infomercial sensation! Maybe you've seen the infomercial for Eggies already. Now, they're going international!

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