Money advice from a drunk Cubs fan

by Jessica Ashley, Shine staff

There was a point years ago when I went to my dad, really needing help. My finances were a mess and it was time to dig my way out. I poured a basket full of bills out on the dining room table and we poured over them together, prioritized each debt, and made a plan to pay each thing off over time. I was embarrassed, I was relieved, I was grateful.

My dad didn't need to give me a hard time about how I'd gotten to that point. I was going over and over it enough in my own head. Instead, he patted my arm and gave me some good advice: Just move on from this. Learn something from it and make better choices knowing what you know now.

The lesson is simple, really. But after watching this video of viral sensation Colleen Henneman, I see that wisdom like my father's can even seep into the Miller Lite-soaked brain of talkative sports fan. Perhaps if you are ever caught in a financial crisis of your own (or need to snag a free cab ride), some of her advice will guide your way, too. Watch on.

One last note: This video is via the hilarious storyteller Justin Kaufman on It's also sketch comedy. That's right. It's not real. Very funny and, if you know and love these kinds of sports fans, startlingly, seemingly true. But not real.