Get the Most Bang for Your Buck –- with Help from Your Sun Sign!

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck –- with Help from Your Sun Sign!

Don't you wish you could get more out of your money? Knowing what to buy and when to make your big purchases can bring savings while also encouraging feelings of abundance in your life. Learn how to spend wisely with help from the stars!

You tend to spend money recklessly by acting first and thinking later. Your best strategy is to save receipts so -- once your inevitable buying rush wears off -- you can return items you don't absolutely need.

You can be an excellent saver from time to time, but it's also no secret that you love the finer things in life. Allow yourself one indulgent experience each week, only in a smaller portion -- for instance, a few pieces of gourmet chocolate instead of an entire box!

Big spending isn't necessarily your thing, but you'll surely save money if you gather information about purchases beforehand. Talk to friends and do plenty of research so you can track down the best bargains.

You're known to be thrifty, but your love of dining out can get expensive. Try doing a food exchange with friends whose cooking you love. Make a number of dishes to freeze, then swap away! This way, you can try new food -- and hopefully enhance your friendships -- without breaking the bank.

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Luxury is practically your middle name, so you have a great deal to gain by learning how to spend wisely. To start, curtail your purchases at high-end stores as you instead look for the same brands at discount outlets.

Take clothes you no longer wear and sell them at local thrift stores, then use the money or credit you get in return to freshen up your wardrobe. Your eco-loving heart will smile ... and your wallet will love the savings!

You adore a good shopping spree ... but at some point, you have to learn to adore saving as well. So, try hosting a clothes-swap party. You'll get some new wardrobe items for free while clearing out your closet at the same time!

As security-conscious as you are, it's rare for you to overspend -- but when you do, you spend big. Instead of buying, try renting or even leasing big-ticket items as a way to test them out.

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You tend to spend on experiences, such as travel and adventure, rather than on things. Consider getting a part-time position with a sports/outdoors retailer, travel agency, or even an airline to save big on equipment and trips!

Penny pinching isn't too difficult for you, but you could certainly learn to spend more wisely at times. Instead of dropping your money on status-symbol items, look for high-quality items that are built to last.

You'll get the most from your money by making shared purchases. Take an opportunity to investigate car-sharing programs, co-op home-buying, and other collective options -- they could turn out to be perfect for you.

Though you may consider money too shallow an item to care about, you do need to eat. So, put your green thumb to work and start growing your own produce. Then, once you've got your garden in order, start bartering with friends!

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