What is the Most Important Political Issue to You Right Now?

What political issues are most important to you right now?What political issues are most important to you right now?Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, John Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum are competing for your attention right now -- with 98.58 percent of precincts reporting, just five votes separated Romney and Santorum in the Iowa caucus on Tuesday night. And in the coming weeks and months these seven GOP hopefuls will be winnowed down to a single Republican nominee to run against President Barack Obama later this year.

Bachmann, a Tea Party favorite, has portrayed herself as the person to repeal Obama's Affordable Care Act and his other "liberal, socialist policies," as she told voters in Iowa. "We have one chance to repeal Obamacare," she told crowds in Iowa recently. "Of all of the candidates that are running, I am the one with the deepest level of resolve to not quit until Obamacare is repealed." (Late Wednesday morning, however, she announced that she was suspending her campaign after coming in sixth in the Iowa caucus. "Last night, the people of Iowa spoke with a very clear voice," she told reporters. "And so I have decided to stand aside.")

Gingrich calls himself the only true Reagan conservative in this race. "I am the only candidate who could successfully debate Obama in the fall, and I'm the only candidate who has an actual track record - twice, with Reagan and then as speaker - of actually changing Washington," he said in Iowa.

Huntsman has largely ignored Iowa, choosing instead to focus on winning the upcoming New Hampshire primary on January 10. "Welcome to New Hampshire. Nobody cares," he said in Lebanon, New Hampshire while the rest of the candidates were in Iowa. "The issue is going to be trust in the 2012 election cycle. People want to know your core. They want to know you have a consistent, predictable core," he said.

Paul is pointing out the fact that his positions on the issues has been largely unchanged for the last 30 years. "We have to change things today and bring back the traditional America, which means liberty, peace and prosperity," The Des Moines Register reported him as saying.

Perry touted his job-creating experience, in spite of the fact that his recent claims concerning the Texas Enterprise Fund have been called into question. "I'm the one candidate who has a track record of executive governing experience to get America back working again," he told voters in Iowa, "to create the jobs that will in turn create the wealth to get this country back growing economically." As the Iowa caucus votes were counted, Perry -- in fifth place, with about 10 percent of the vote -- told supporters that he was returning to Texas to reassess his campaign, instead of continuing on to New Hampshire and South Carolina.

Romney -- who was endorsed Tuesday night by Arizona senator (and former GOP presidential candidate) John McCain -- also focused on job creation and the economy. "For millions of Americans, the economy is in crisis today," he said. "And unless we change course with a new president, it'll be in crisis for all of us tomorrow."

Santorum highlighted his Christian conservatism, offering "a public thanks to God" as the Iowa polls closed, and has been showcasing the endorsement he received from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar (and, presumably, their 19 children). "America needs someone with bold, courageous leadership who can make a difference, who can change the culture in Washington and be a strong commander in chief," he told Iowa voters.

The economy. Religion. Balancing the budget. Creating jobs. Healthcare. Abortion. Higher education. Foreign policy. Defense spending. Liberty. Military readiness. Debt. Social Security. Taxes. Family values. Leadership. Trust.

What do you think is the most important political issue right now?

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