The Muppets Take Shine!

Miss Piggy plays editor-in-chief of Shine for the day (fyi: her office is waaayy nicer than mine).Miss Piggy plays editor-in-chief of Shine for the day (fyi: her office is waaayy nicer than mine).Last month, The Muppets (or, rather, their people, you know how it is, they're...fancy) contacted Shine with a request: Could they guest edit our site for one day? It took us seconds to reply with a resounding "Hell's yes!" I mean, it was a pretty obvious decision. Who doesn't love and have ridiculously happy memories of Piggy, Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo and the gang? All of us at Shine do, for sure--in fact, this request sparked a major Muppets-memory-lane conversation, which sparked a weeks-long obsession, which ultimately inspired Senior Fashion and Beauty Editor Joanna Douglas to dress as an ultra-glam version of Miss Piggy for Halloween.

So, what did The Muppets want to do on Shine? Blog, of course. Help us with story ideas. And, on the eve of the premiere of their new movie (simply titled "The Muppets," because really did we need any more 'splainin?), they especially wanted to share the wisdom that comes from decades of adventures, high-jinks, friendship, love, and, of course, jewel heists:
Miss Piggy's top fashion tips
Kermit on easy ways to be green
Rocker Janice on love and relationships (and why she still has a crush on Keith Richards)
The Swedish Chef's favorite holiday recipe (which is rather...interesting)

Also look for special Muppets stories popping up all over Shine throughout the day, including what we've learned from these crazy-wonderful puppets and what we hope they can teach our kids.
We hope you have as much fun with this as we did,

Editor-in-chief, Shine