My favorite EZ money saver can't remember where I learned the following little money game, but if you're not a saver this is a great way to start.

Every time you get a five-dollar bill--save it!

That's it!

No muss, no fuss.

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My husband and I used to put our fivers in a coffee can. You can use an envelope or stick 'em in your sock drawer. Just don't spend the fives! Yes, it's weird at first. You want to use a five to pay for a $3 magazine, but you have to break a twenty. Because you can't spend the fives. In fact, don't even keep the fives in your wallet. When you get a five, in change, put it in your pocket until you get home.

The reason this is good to jump-start a saving habit is that the fives add up fast. Before you know it, you'll have enough money for a plane ticket somewhere, or a new rug. And you'll say to yourself, "How did I save that much money? I didn't even miss it!" And voila--that's the key realization that will turn you into a serious saver. Try it. Let me know. --MP Dunleavey

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