Never Make These 5 Major Regifting Mistakes

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There are many that think regifting isn't rude; I've never done it myself, but I think I might have received a regift or two along the way. If you choose to wrap something up from storage and put someone else's name on it, be sure not to make these mistakes that give regifting its sometimes tacky reputation.

  • Not Thinking About the Recipient : Is it better to give something than nothing at all? When all you have in your stock of regifts are things totally unrelated to the person in question, get a card and supplies to make a homemade gift instead. Giving a random gift that wouldn't necessarily appeal to the recipient is thoughtless.
  • Giving a Used Gift : You might be able to convince yourself that the recipient will never notice a gently used item, but don't take any chances. Commit to the rule of never giving one that's already been put to use by you.
  • Giving to a Friend of a Friend : The last thing you want to do is offend someone who gave you a gift, so use precaution when assigning items to be regifted. You don't want it getting back to the original gifter that you chose not to keep the present she selected for you.
  • Giving Last Season's Sweater : You've got a brand-new sweater that's in your friend's size, and you think, how perfect! Until you realize she knows her Banana Republic, and that's a year-old sweater sitting in her lap. She'll say thanks for the gift, but you better know she's questioning whether or not that sweater is a regift.
  • Giving to the Original Gifter : The ultimate regifting boo-boo is to present someone with a gift that person gave you in the first place. It might seem like an obvious mistake, but friendships have been bruised for such oblivious acts.

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