New obsession: spoiled celeb toddlers with $850 handbags

Splash News/Matrix Photos/Ramey PhotoSplash News/Matrix Photos/Ramey PhotoWe're trying to trace our steps and figure out how this all happened. Come along with us, please. Nearly a decade ago, young stars like Lindsay Lohan and the Olsen Twins started infiltrating tabloids and blogs. Who cares about these kids, we wondered? Well, suddenly we did, and we almost unconsciously began following the daily happenings of celebrity teens, including their outfits, their love lives, their social calendar, their photo scandals, and maybe even their careers. Then we downsized in age yet again to youngsters like Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, and Dakota Fanning. These are child stars, right? Isn't it odd that people are reporting which designers they're wearing on the red carpet, we thought? But soon we did. And where does that leave us now: reading about toddlers like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, Suri Cruise, and Mercy Ciccone.

Yes, pop culture has shifted so much that we care less about 30-somethings and more about the preschool set. Violet Affleck, Brooklyn Beckham, Coco Cox Arquette, and James Wilkie Broderick are snatching up headlines these days. What's even weirder: fashion has shifted too. Marc Jacobs now has a kids store with mini-me versions of outfits. Madonna's four-year-old daughter, Mercy, has been seen wearing the same Stella McCartney jacket as French first lady Carla Bruni. So of course we care about what celeb kids are wearing!

Are we obsessed with famous toddlers? Has the media forced this fixation upon us with headlines like "Zahara Jolie-Pitt Rocks a $330 Coat"? Or maybe we're just jealous. Or infuriated, because Zahara IS wearing a $330 double-breasted Alice + Olivia coat. And Suri Cruise toted around--get this--an $850 Salvatore Ferragamo handbag a few weeks ago (her mom carried the matching full-size version which sells for $1,850). Yes. $850. Do you have an $850 handbag? OK, maybe some of you do... but we're guessing you're not THREE.YEARS.OLD. What does a three-year-old keep in her $850 purse?! Lipstick she shouldn't be wearing for another decade? A Tiffany rattle? A Christian Louboutin collector's edition Barbie? Legos made of gold? Or perhaps a BlackBerry to keep their personal stylists at finger's reach? Oh and you know what looks just stunning with an $850 purse? A red Dolce & Gabbana coat and a pair of custom heels--those are Suri's other favorites.

And this is just a sign of what's to come for famous kids like Suri. Her dad, Tom Cruise, says, "She will not wear trousers, only dresses. I put a pair of trousers on her and turn and leave the room and straight away the trousers are off and a dress is on instead!" And she doesn't want mom Katie Holme's fashion input either. "The other day, Kate showed her some gold-colored sneakers thinking she might like to wear them, and she looked at them and said, 'Oh mommy, these are lovely, but they're boy shoes,'" says Cruise. "She's sweet, but she's very strong-willed."

Meanwhile, fancy clothes aren't the only amenity these tots have access to. Shiloh-Jolie Pitt just got an expensive new haircut, and celeb stylist Matthew James Fugate says it's reminiscent of "styles once worn by Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams." Cozy Friedman of Cozy's Cuts for Kids in Manhattan boasts a roster of famous young clients like Sofia Coppola's daughter Romy, and gets loads of request for "The Maddox," the faux-hawk Angelina Jolie's son prefers. Friedman claims, "A short haircut on a girl isn't always that easy to carry...Shiloh can carry it. [She] can carry a lot of looks well." Um, excuse us, but can we pause for a moment and recognize that a stylist is talking about what a three-year-old can pull off? Right. Well, perhaps it makes sense: People magazine did pay over $4 million for the first glimpse at baby Shiloh. She obviously has an image to maintain. [US Weekly][US Magazine]