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"When we open ourselves to possibilities, possibilities open themselves to us." Marlene Moore Gordon

It's my opinion that we would not have dreams and visions if they were not attainable.They may not come to pass exactly as we plan, the details may vary, but if we are crystal clear on our focus and continue to take positive actions toward what we want, dreams do come to fruition. It all begins with belief. First believing in the magic of possibilities and second believing that we are capable and worthy of having our dreams come true.

I BELIEVE THAT ALL GOOD IS POSSIBLE! I begin by getting clear on what I envision, writing it down, focusing on it with intention and continually taking positive actions toward it. The hardest part for me can be letting go of the questions, the how's, the when's and the why not yets , that are clearly not in my domain. What I have found is that when I sincerely do my part to the best of my ability and then let go of the results, the universe does what I cannot do for myself. People and situations arise to meet me. The amazing part is that the results are usually much better than I ever imagined!

If you have a dream or a vision, begin with the first step, know that it is possible or you would never have envisioned it in the first place. Remember that you are worthy of your dream, stay focused and get to work. Possibilies open to those who believe in them and with courage and perseverance nothing is impossible.


Marlene Moore Gordon

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