No Bra in the Office? Prepare Thyself for Judgment, Sister.

Strap ’em in, ladies. Photo: George Marks/Getty ImagesTina Fey was totally onto something when she advised women, in her best-selling memoir “Bossypants,” to always wear a bra. “Even if you don’t think you need it, just... you know what? You’re never going to regret it,” she wrote.

While we’re not so sure about the never-regret it part (cannot wait to get home and whip this thing off already!), we must admit, going bra-less in the office is probably, like, a little too loosey goosey—and recent survey results, published Wednesday in Adweek, confirm it.

Women execs who don’t wear a bra, apparently—as well as those who have “unkempt hair” and wear too-tight clothing—are less worthy of exec-level power than those who are arrogant, wishy-washy, lack in integrity or even make off-color jokes.

The findings of the survey, conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation in late 2012 and looking into the various ways that top execs are judged, are a major downer, but not all that surprising.

Another losing move for female execs, according to the survey? Having a visible panty line—or any visible lingerie, for that matter. So wear a bra to work. But for heaven’s sake, don’t let it show.