Office Holiday Party Disasters: What's the Worst Thing You've Witnessed?

Steps to Stop Yourself From Becoming Part of the Office Party Rumor MillOffice holiday parties can be fantastic opportunities for team building, networking -- and ego-crushing embarrassment. Fill a conference room with a bunch of already overworked employees, add an open bar, a few trays of messy hors d'oeuvres, and an inappropriate office romance and suddenly the potential for a career-crushing disaster is high.

There's the colleague who has just a bit too much to drink and suddenly feels a need to confide in, well, everyone. The newbie who shows up wearing a dress that leaves little to the imagination. The grumpy significant other. The creeper. The over-enthusiastic employee who is so focused on the party that she forgets it's at the office. And then there's the co-worker who dances like Elaine did on "Seinfeld":

What's your holiday-party horror story? (Don't want to get yourself in trouble? Tells us the worst incident you've heard about instead.)

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