Oh Gurl: How women really talk... in commercials

Hey cowgirls! I love getting together for a girls' night to watch one commercial. It's a great way to open up a conversation on hot topics like birth control risk factors for women over 35 and whether women lawyers are as tough as men. Isn't it always so amazing how one out of three of us have tried the item being advertised, with positive results? Love my girls!
Here are few real talk nights where we really broke it down.

At Cathy's house when we watched that legal commercial. Who knew we'd both been involved in hit-and-run accidents?

At that hot city bar, when Megan showed up after being locked up in a mental institution. Crazy that it was all because of a severe form of PMS. Good thing our doctor friend was there with the risk factors.

At brunch, when we dished about how we were all getting hot and heavy with Carmel Taxi service. Wait you guys, how great is going to the theater?

Just another night where we pause the Nuva Ring commercial while we discuss the benefits so as not to miss the theme song. I can't believe Jess had the guts to ask us if we've ever tried it? So embarrassing! I'm glad she did though.

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