Oh, the cupcakes that could have been saved

Photo Credit: Mary T./ShelterrificPhoto Credit: Mary T./Shelterrific...if I had only known this trick for packing them: An empty egg carton makes a perfect carrying case for party- or picnic-bound mini cupcakes. It's one of those so-obvious- you're-embarrassed-you-haven't-been- doing-it-all-along ideas, but I'm blaming my oversight on the fact that I have an inexplicable and long-standing aversion to eating eggs, so I probably wouldn't have a 12-pack carton on hand when I needed it, anyway. Thanks to Shelterrific's Mary T. for sharing her discovery (and to Seattle bakery/coffee shop Coffee to a Tea With Sugar for exhibiting such genius in the first place). The last several birthday parties I've baked for could've been so different...
[via Shelterrific]

Do you have any tricks for transporting party foods? Let's hear 'em!

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