Oscar Nominations Are Out. Let's Hear it for the Ladies

Score! McCarthy earns herself an Oscar nom.Score! McCarthy earns herself an Oscar nom.
When was the last time a woman was nominated for an Oscar for farting and doing weird things with a sandwich? Bridesmaid's Melissa McMcarthy has definitely made history for her game-changing breakout role. She joins The Artist's Berenice Bejo, The Help's Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer and Albert Nobb's Janet McTeer in the best supporting actor category.

The nominations, announced early Tuesday morning, also included some regulars at the party. Meryl Streep earned her 17th Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher. Glenn Close and Michelle Williams also landed on the best actress list. The Help's Viola Davis and Dragon Tattoo's Rooney Mara rounded out the category.

It's a man's world behind the camera, at least as the Oscar voters see it. Bridesmaid's Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo earned a nod for best original screenplay. Bridget O'Connor is on the adapted screenplay bill for Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, but that's it for the ladies in terms of writing or directing nods.

Best picture noms War Horse and Moneyball both have female co-executive producers. Brad Pitt, who's also nominated in the best actor category for Moneyball, is probably pretty excited about the best picture nod he might claim as a co-executive producer. (Movie buff question: Is Brad our generation's producer/star/powerplayer version of Warren Beatty?) Angelina did not get a nomination so he's going to have to tread lightly at home. But his bestie George Clooney is joining him in the Best Actor category. If Clooney wins, Brad will probably be the subject of another doting speech about how he's changing the world so that's good for him.

Only two ditties were nominated for original song, none of them were by Madonna. One is from the Muppets. Which reminds me: Piggy got shafted.

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