Our president needs support, no matter how menial.

For our country we must make an effort!

On this, the great road to life we Americans, as we so see fit to consider ourselves, have been forgetting countless cardinal rules in our lifetime.

We are fat, greedy, petty children with no real knowledge as to how to take care of ourselves and so we simply lay back and let the government change us, feed us, clothe us.

I mean these things quite literally.

Well we are now upset because a man has come along who knows not how to do these things.

He expects us to take care of ourselves and each other, not depend on the government.

That is part of the reason his tenure is failing.

He is promoting effort in a nation oozing with lethargy and helplessness.

I once saw an elderly woman being beaten by a pair of police officers and not one soul did a damn thing about it.

Not because helping would be dangerous, which it would be, but because it would mean that in helping the poor OLD woman who clearly did not have the sense to give you the time of day one would be exposing oneself to the possibility of a lawsuit among other things.

I could not help her because they threw her in the patrol car and drove off by the time I arrived to stop them.

Threw her, not escorted her.

I saw a man having a heart attack on a bus and not one person did a damn thing to call an ambulance until I started screaming at them to use a phone and do exactly that.

We are a nation full of lethargic lazy cowards who cannot muster up the nerve to gaze into each other's eyes on the street let alone provide aid to those in need.

Now that Obama is running we think that we were better off with republicans.

But we do not have a republican in the oval office now do we?

So instead of sitting on our asses and awaiting a republican to check our wounds and change our diapers we need to get up and do something to help the man currently in office as he's requesting.

As things stand it is our duty as Americans to support our president, heedless of disagreements he is currently in charge and therefore the one we answer to.

So until we find another republican to coddle us like the pups that we are we need to ever so gently grow up and help the one we voted for.

We voted for him, not raffled but voted.

This country is not a gambling parlor where we can just take a chance, we as Americans have a respectable image to maintain as the ones who get things done.

Just as our president needs us, we need him.

Respect not the man, but the symbol, the status.

Just as it is his duty to guide us through thick and thin it is our job to guide him on the right path, even if we are divided in opinion we must support him because he is the man in charge right now.

We, the people of the United States of America stand united under one flag.

It is time to prove our patriotic duty once more!

Our leader is at odds with the very people who hired him.

So, go forth, and remember we are not doing this for him.

We are doing this for our country!

We are Americans and that is a name not to be taken lightly.

We built our own country out of nothing and it now stands as the most powerful and peaceful nation on earth.

Because we have forgotten our duty we have grown infantile in nature.

Stand proud of your heritage and do everything in your power to support the one you voted for, even if it hurts.

I am not saying we should be mindless drones serving a greater cause, but as Americans we need to keep this great nation going.

It is the only place on the planet with near absolute freedom; if it fails we may never get that again.

This is the ONLY nation on the world with this many freedoms.

Remember what it is our ancestors, however foolish they used to be, fought for in the first place.

Remember your patriotic duty and shine!

It is not through the actions of a great many but through the iron will of a select few.

I am still not entirely sure of this patriotic thing myself, and most likely have no right whatsoever to even preach like this.

But I'll be damned if I do nothing like the rest of my "fellow Americans"

This is wolf Banderson, unfortunate American, wandering writer of the world, human being extraordinaire, advocate for a thousand possibilities.

Anything is possible, limits are of the mind, body and soul.

We chain ourselves, we are not chained by others.

Sincerely sad to see humanity like this.