Perpetually tangled headphone cords? Time to play it straight

Zipbuds tangle resistant earbudsZipbuds tangle resistant earbudsLife gets messy, but your headphones don't need to be. These earbuds put an end to the perpetual problem of tangled headphone cords, and they do it with a zippy design (literally).

Zipbuds tangle resistant earbudsZipbuds tangle resistant earbuds What makes Zipbuds unique is the zipper-integrated cabling. Made from Kevlar braided nylon, the zipper is substantial enough to resist knots and strong enough to hold up to a heavy workout. When you're listening to music, you can unzip the cord to get more slack between the two earbuds or zip it up tighter for a snug fit. Zipbuds are designed to block peripheral noises while maximizing audio quality and minimizing harmonic distortion. Plus they come with three eartip sizes, so you can choose the fit that's right for you.

The creators are Erik Groset (whose great-grandfather invented the ice cream cone-making machine) and Robin DeFay (who spent five years as a professional poker player). The two childhood buddies started brainstorming about portable audio products while they were in college and co-founded Digital Group Audio (DGA) in 2007. With their latest invention, you'll spend a lot less time untangling cords and more time enjoying the music.

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