Persian couplet by a prince of Delhi to The Looter King NADIR SHAH as KASSAY NAA MAD DEEGAR TEG KHALAK A RAW KUSHI KUSHI IS IT STILL VALID.

The couplet by a prince to Nadir Shah in Persian "as kassay naa mad deegar Teg khalaka raw kushi kushi" meaning that oh murderer you have chopped every living being and if you order they may be brought to live and then slaughtered again, which was so effective that NADIR SHAW STOPPED THE KILLING. Now that our country has seen the shortage of vegetable and grains that shoot up to the heifht that aam admi could hardly get to his full meals, but as now the prospect of easy situation in the food supply is to be evaluated , people like Nadir shaw are interested to market the food stuff to foreign countries and then when the famine falls in India it may again be imported like so many cams. Such people could not hold the grains as they deliberately did not try to increase the storage in India but they were busy in scams for millions of rupees , still in investigation etc. But Ndiur Shaw was cooled down but our so called Nadir shaw have not that soul too..