Personalized Gifts for Every Occasion

By Nici Perreault,

Personalized Gifts for Every Occasion Personalized Gifts for Every Occasion

Are you stuck on the gift giving hamster wheel? Sometimes it can feel like you are celebrating one event after another, week after week. There are weddings, birthdays, and the births of new babies to commemorate with a present. But buying all that stuff can put a dent in your bank account... not to mention the time and energy is takes to find unique items that will be meaningful for the recipient.

When it comes to great gift giving, be thoughtful and economical. No matter what the occasion, escape the stress with personalized gifts ideas.

Personalized Gift Ideas

1. Customized Wine Label - Perfect for a wedding, anniversary or birthday gift for anyone over 21 years old. Bottle Your Brand allows you to design a wine bottle from scratch or customize hundreds of already made beautiful designs. You can also create labels for water, beer, soda, and even bottles of M&Ms if wine doesn't suit their taste.

2. Customizable Products from Glitzee Glee - Founded by Jamie Yahne, Glitzee Glee has numerous customizable products that make excellent gifts for a wedding, anniversary or adult's birthday, such as candles, wine charms, wine glasses, coasters, place mats and more. Adding a monogram to a beautiful crystal candle makes for a present anyone can appreciate, especially if it has a nice scent!

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3. Scrapbooks - Andrea Woroch, a consumer expert and guest writer for GalTime, notes the importance of sharing memories to celebrate a special occasion. A scrapbook is perfect for all occasions, whether it's welcoming a new baby, or as an anniversary present. You can do digital or traditional. Companies like Shutterfly offer templates and easy to follow directions so you can create your own photo book. If you are creatively inclined, it can also be rewarding to put together a traditional scrapbook. Pictures can be printed for as little as 15 cents from Snapfish. Accessories and decorations can be bought from stores such as Target and Walmart for cheap so you can put your own personal touch on it.

4. Travel Gift Card - For people who enjoy traveling,, is a socially-integrated travel gift card where you can save travel cash and have friends and family contribute towards your future travels. An account can even be started for a newborn, so that by the time they grow up and want to go on their high school senior trip or backpack through Europe after college, they will have money saved specifically for that purpose!

5. Donation to a Favorite Charity - For those people who say,"I really don't need anything..." you can make a donation to their church, favorite charity or local public library. This is a perfect gift-- especially when you're on a budget, because all of these organizations will appreciate donations of any size.

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