Pet Python Kills Toddler: Why Own Animals Known To Kill?

Again today horrific news out of central Florida. A small child that was sleeping peacefully in her crib was strangled to death by her mother's boyfriend's pet python.

The mother, Jaren Hare, was inside the home when the incident occured. The boyfriend, Charles Darnell, did not have a permit for the snake and also owns a boa constrictor.

The snake apparently escaped from its cage overnight and strangled the girl, who was also bitten on the forehead. Darnell stabbed the animal, which was wrapped around the girl's neck, and pulled the girl away before calling 911, deputies said. It was too late.

Matt Harrison, a Critter Control employee who has worked with pythons for more than eight years, said these animals are extremely strong. "A 12-foot snake is kind of like having a truck sitting on your chest. They have enough power not only to asphyxiate you, but to break bones as well," said Harrison, who added that stabbing a python would not force the animal to release its prey."

Why own animals that are known to kill?