POLL: How and where do you spend your time online?

ThinkstockThinkstockYahoo! recently took a deep look into women spend time online and what we get out of the experience when we do, and the results are pretty fascinating.

It turns out that whether women are married or single, younger or older, working or work-at-home, we tend to be looking for the same things and experiences online no matter where we fall in the demographic categories that neatly and incompletely describe who we are.

At varying times, we are looking to connect with close friends, share information with personal and work acquaintances, get trusted opinions about plans we are making, products we may buy, movies we just may get a free night to go out to see. Other times, we are looking to anonymously share emotional issues, get answers to serious personal questions, or to take a few minutes to escape from our everyday, demanding routines by reading favorite blogs or playing online games.

On sites like Shine, women can do just about all of the above. What's interesting is women reported they like the anonymity sites like this can provide when dealing with vulnerable issues, such as cheating spouses, ill-behaved children, and body image and health concerns. Connecting online happens many ways, but the "Connectonomics and Women" study found that deeper connections can be forged on community, lifestyle, and blogging sites like this even when women don't know each other face to face.

As one mom told the researchers--though not all of the women were moms: "It's very comfortable and peaceful just knowing that these are moms that have done it before and going through the same thing…it's comfortable getting that information from them…I can go on these sites and see I'm not the only one."

Does any of this ring true when you think about what you do online and where you spend your time?