Pop the Cork! Is Bubbly Good For You?

Just in time for Valentine's Day, could champagne be as good for your heart as your love life? GALTime.com's wine expert Amy Reiley says bubbly is bursting with promise:

Anyone who has followed my syndicated, monthly wine column, Woman on Wine, knows I have a weakness for champagne. (In truth, my desire extends to all sparkling wine; I just prefer the sound of the word champagne. The word alone conjures a festive air, doesn't it?)

Besides celebrating a fresh, New Year, this January, we have a brilliant excuse to pop corks and toast with relish. Thanks to a University of Reading study published in the British Journal of Nutrition, we now know that Sparkling Wine can benefit the heart in the same way as red wine. And so it is for our hearts that I dedicate this to the drink of amore, champagne.

Champagne's aphrodisiac reputation is very much intertwined with its history as the drink of celebration. It is also much loved as an aphrodisiac of inhibition. With its stream of delicate bubbles, sparkling wine hits the blood stream a little more quickly than still wine, offering that delicious giddiness that occurs right around the third sip. But now that we know we could be potentially giving ourselves the gift of heart health with that magical third sip, the taste of sparkling wine has suddenly become so much more sweet!

Most champagne and other sparkling wines are made from a combination of red and white grapes (or all red grapes). This got the folks at the University of Reading, clearly bubbly lovers after my own heart, wondering if sparkling wine could potentially offer the heart healthy benefits of red wine.

For results of the study, click here!

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