Prom queen didn't invite me to the wedding

Since when i was a teen i have always looked up to my older sister
she was the popular girl in high school and also Prom queen
i always wanted to be like her
however being older now and seeing who she truly is
I realize that i admire me more
True beauty comes from within not vanity
growing up she was always so harsh towards me, if i asked to borrow her clothes she would say
"no you will stretch it out"
Now her being "32 i thought that she would be more of an inspiration to me and my other siblings
but on the contrary she still acts like she did when she was a teen
recently she married in Sept
and didn't invite me or my other sister
she did invite all my other family and her friends
What confused me is how the most happiest moment of one's life they can still find a way to
hold on to issues
I only hope, dream, wonder what it would be like to find the love of my life
and she has it all the guy, my parents support, degree, and lacks ?
I learned to find humor out of not being invited
by "saying well i guess i wouldn't invite me either i would have stole her thunder i guess

i find it amazing that people with everything sometimes aren't content or gracious
I am a single mother and always count my blessings
i have no energy to waste on BS"
i am human i do feel and what works for me
is through humor, laughter, fitness and helping others
we have choices in life
it's up to you how you choose to deal with people

better yet you don't have to deal with those people
surround yourself by people that want you to be there