Question: Should Grown Women Wear Pigtails?

I came across this awesome graphic today and just had to ask: when do you think a girl/woman gets too old for pigtails? From looking at this, I think the line could probably be drawn somewhere around the Miley Cyrus area of the spectrum.

I'll admit, I occasionally wear them, but only under a hat (less messy than leaving it loose) or around the house (which I think puts me on the chart at maybe the Zooey Deschanel zone -- er, at least, I hope). Other than that, I think there are much better options for keeping your hair out of your face and looking cute -- like any of these braided hairstyles or these fun ponytails.

The creator of this graphic below argues that pigtails give off a Lolita vibe -- do you agree? Where would you put yourself on this pigtails spectrum?

*Image created by The Seventeen Magazine Project