"Dancing With the Stars" Cast: Who Wins for Most Searched on the Web?

By Claudine Zap

The 11th season of "Dancing with the Stars" has named its cast. And just when it had outdone itself for oddball pairings, the show did it again. Where else could you see Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino going toe to toe with Florence "Brady Bunch" Henderson? The lineup of fading luminaries includes Michael Bolton and David Hasselhoff -- and Sarah Palin's daughter, Bristol. But they're still not the buzziest of them all. The castmember to generate the most excitement: "Dirty Dancing's" Jennifer Grey. Finally, Baby is out of the corner.

Fans who can't wait for the two-hour premiere on Setpember 20 are hitting the Web to seek out their favorite new contestants. Here, how the "DWTS" castmembers shake out in search.

"Dancing With the Stars" Top Searched Castmembers

1. Jennifer Grey She's not exactly Baby anymore. But at 50, the "Dirty Dancing" star is a good bet. After all, Patrick Swayze taught her some sweet moves on camera. After neck surgery for compressed nerves and a cancerous lump, she's ready to go. And she may be the one to watch. Fans may agree, as she topped the list of contestants with searches on the disastrous "jennifer grey nose job," "jennifer grey dirty dancing," and "jennifer grey dancing with the stars."

2. Kyle Massey
Searches on this young actor and rapper may show a generational rift. You'll know him better as Cory Baxter. Nothing? How about the younger brother on "That's So Raven." Those who tune into the Disney channel know that the 19-year-old now stars in the spinoff show, "Cory in the House." Searches on the star's new DWTS gig shot up, driving up lookups on "who is kyle massey," "kyle massey biography," and "kyle massey wiki."

3. Rick Fox The former basketball pro will move from the court to the dance floor. The 6 foot, 7 inch retired Los Angeles Lakers champ will tower over his partner. But whether he dominates this field is anyone's guess.

4. Florence Henderson Don't mess with the matriarch. Best known for her iconic role in "The Brady Bunch," the actress, talk-show host, and yes, cookbook author has been busy. Still, the question most asked in search: her age. Shhh. A mom never tells. But we will: She's a youthful 76.

5. Audrina Patridge "The Hills" reality show star gets lots of attention for being Heidi Montag's friend. But as for dance experience? Nothing but dance clubs and ballet lessons as a kid. Still, Patridge has survived six seasons being Heidi Montag's frenemy. This may not prove much of a challenge.

6. Margaret Cho The comedian is comfortable in front of a crowd, but you do not want this audience laughing. The singer and actress also has a role on "Drop Dead Diva," and is known for making jokes on serious topics such as race and sex. Dancing? Not so much.

7. Mike Sorrentino Yep, "The Situation" can now add dancing to his resume. The "Jersey Shore" personality is sure to add some signature flair to his routines. The self-proclaimed "guido" has not quite used up his 15 minutes of fame. Searches are buzzing on everything from "the situation workout," "the situation quotes," and "the situation on dancing with the stars."

8. Kurt Warner America loves a comeback. Just because you're done as a football quarterback doesn't mean you can't throw a "Hail Mary" on the dance floor. Still, the retired Arizona Cardinals team member isn't doing an endzone dance just yet. He admits, "I'm extremely nervous."

9. Bristol Palin Yes, you can be a teen mother and a reality show diva. But what does mom Sarah Palin think? Says the daughter, "She's excited for me. She knows this is going to be hard work." Agreed.

10. Michael Bolton OK, crooning will get you nowhere on this show. Unless it's to melt the hearts of the judges. Whether or not the singer can also dance will be the riddle of Michael Bolton answered over the season.

11. David Hasselhoff The Hoff originally turned down the dancing gig. But his daughters convinced the "Baywatch" star to give it a try after a last-minute cast member cancellation. We'll see if he can save the day.