-"For the people, by the People- (National or anti national) for a democratic system we are having now?

Our democratic system as designed by the then National leaders before the Independence is based on the citizens who are supposed as civil and not in any way connected with evil of any extent & of any kind, an ideal system as is globally present but recent happenings in the country are drifting the democratic system to a system leading the country people to hell by the performance of the governance in connivance with criminal and anti national performers in the top positions of the government, and too in the garb of declaring their shame full works as for reaching to the Global Standards in the globally countries. Thus to declare them selves as above any civil system they have started to hate the word CIVIL if it is attached to any body or to any system and for that they declare that they are bound to the constitution and for that they will crush any protests( or suggestion to Improve the working of the governance) which have burst into scams Ghotalas and what not. In spite the conditions that are not better than those of have happened in this world now a days and are responsible for change of governance at other countries. they are not moved to the right way. The movement of Baba Ram Dev as crushed inmidnight and of Shr Hazare bluffed out by few in the governance have now been given by the courts too. Ultimately they have to behave as gentlemen if they are to rule our country as per the aspiration of our elders who made the constitution Long Live the constitution..