"Sexy" Halloween Costumes Heat Up the Web

Sexy Big Bird Costume (Source: Amazon.com)

By Claudine Zap

Sure, Halloween is weeks away, but those who like to dress up are thinking about what to wear - and the "sexy" searches are heating up on the Web.

By far our favorite costume search on Yahoo! this year: "Sexy sesame street costumes." What does that even mean? Big Bird in a skirt? (Actually, yes.) Elmo dressed as Katy Perry? (Hey, that's not a bad idea - you're welcome.)

Other odd concoctions: "sexy clown costume," which sounds like something out of a bad horror movie. And "sexy mad hatter costume." Alice, watch out.

Mad as a Sexy Mad Hatter Costume (Source: Amazon.com)

Here are some more top "sexy costume" searches. What will you do for Halloween? Will you have a "sexy" costume?

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