"The Pack" by Jason Starr: Book Review

"The Pack" by Jason Starr
Ace, 341 pp., $25.95
Reviewed by David Marshall James

Revenge fantasies focused on bosses are nothing new nor rare, particularly in cases wherein a perfectly good employee is made rendundant, then ordered to some smarmy human-resources dweeb, then summarily escorted to the closest exit by security personnel.

Have a nice day, drop dead, goodbye.

Thus transpires the fate of New York City advertising accounts executive Simon Burns.

How will he afford the mortgage on his Upper West Side apartment?

His working wife thinks maybe this has all happened for the best, in a roundabout way. That is, Simon can adapt to the new role of stay-at-home dad to their three-year-old son, Jeremy.

Naturally, the maid will have to be made redundant in turn-- ripple effect, and all that.

Simon gets off to an inauspicious start as an S.A.H.D. Well, Jeremy has bonded with the maid.

Fortuitously, Simon encounters three fellow dads way downtown, at Battery Park. They have flexible job hours. They're guy's guys. They're ladies' men. They're cool and wear hot clothes.

Moreover, Jeremy instantly fits in with their sons' playground clique.

Meanwhile, Simon is bonding with the three dads on the sidelines.

Seems too good to be true. What's the proverbial hitch?

Soon, Simon experiences an ultra-what-the-hey dads' night out with the fellas.

Thereafter, Simon's piece-of-crud boss-- he's even planning to ditch his long-time wife for his long-time side dish-- winds up dead, apparently mauled by a wolf. Hey, that's weird.

Additionally, Simon begins exhibiting some truly extreme stamina and sensory abilities. Hey, that's weird, too.

However, his wife doesn't seem to mind-- at first-- if you catch the drifteroo.

Author Jason Starr succeeds in producing an overall entertaining, frequently sexy novel in which the half-dozen major characters encounter the scintillating, feel-good allure of a megalomaniacal Old World werewolf determined to have his way with the gals and guys down in Tribeca.

Smoothly written and tweaked with humor, this urban fantasy supplies a seductive adventure that will appeal to wives as well as husbands.

* * *