Rainy Day Go Away: 5 Things to Do While it Continues to Pour

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We're more than halfway through April and there's barely any sign of this rain stopping. Stir crazy doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. I've seen every movie in the theatres - twice. I've brunched at all of the regular spots and even tried some new ones. I've even had Netflix marathons to the point of exhaustion.

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So what's one to do when all the options seem to be null and non-existent? Here at SyleCaster we collected some fun activities that will serve as a welcome distraction to get you through the rest of this drizzly season - and won't break your bank.

  1. Hit up a poetry slam: Lots of cafes host readings delivered by local writers. Typically free, they're a great way to learn about new authors and poets without maxing out your credit card at Barnes and Noble.
  2. House tours: Do you ogle through the window at the neighbor's living room whilst walking home? Many historical districts offer tours of both preserved and renovated residences for you to snoop without feeling creepy.
  3. Late night at the museum: A great way to view the latest exhibits at your favorite museums and avoid hefty entry fees. With museums such as the Guggenheim with their seasonal Art After Dark event and New Museum's weekly free Thursday late nights, you're sure to keep up with your culture and your cash.
  4. Indoor rock climbing: The gym can start getting a little mundane - too much time on a treadmill and you start feeling like a gerbil in its wheel. Mix up your exercise routine by visiting a climbing wall. Memberships are typically reasonably priced and seasonal, so you don't have to worry about paying a massive visitor cost every time.
  5. Take a pottery making class: You'd be surprised how many small, local art non-profits exist. With a smidge of research, you're sure to find pottery and other art classes offered by these organizations that are free of charge. Roll up your sleeves and get sculpting!

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