Razzie Awards’ Nominations for Worst Actress of the Year

K-Stew, what in the world is this outfit? If all the celebrity back-patting during award season makes you sick to your stomach, luckily there's a panacea: the 33rd Annual Razzie awards, created in 1980 to "dis-honor" the worst films and performances of the year.

Sandler sets worst-movie record with Razzies sweep

In 2010, actress Sandra Bullock won a Razzie for Worst Actress and an Oscar in the same weekend and was a great sport about it.

This year, the nominees for Worst Actress are spot on.

Katherine Heigl for One for the Money
What was this movie about, anyway? Something to do with Gerard Butler being a bounty hunter, we don't even remember. Katherine Heigl has as much appeal as a stale piece of white bread or the worst taste in scripts, or both.

Milla Jovovich for Resident Evil #5: Retribution
This series has its fans, but one called this most recent film "THE WORST DISAPPOINTMENT EVER," which is saying a lot. Though it might work for actress Frances McDormand (whose husband is one-half of the Coen Brothers), it's difficult to take an actress seriously when her husband is the one behind the camera. Talk about flattering angles.

Tyler Perry in drag for Madea's Witless Protection
Tyler Perry may be one of the worst "actresses" of the year, but he's also a very savvy businessman. He's made 13 Madea films and they've grossed millions upon millions at the box office.

Barbra Streisand for Guilt Trip
This is Barbra's fourth Razzie nomination. But you know what? If loving Barbra Streisand is wrong, we don't want to be right.

Kristen Stewart for Snow White and the Huntsman AND Breaking Dawn Part Two
It was a big year for Kristen Stewart, whose cheating scandal with the married director of Snow White surfaced just after the premiere of the film and just before the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part Two. We're at a loss at how K-Stew could cheat on R-Patz after seeing him with that computer-generated baby in Breaking Dawn. Apparently the icy act isn't an act after all.

Twilight's Renesmee unfortunately did not receive a Razzie nomination.Do you think the Razzie nominations captured the worst performances of the year? If the worst actress category isn't enough to subdue your hatred for award season, be sure to visit the Razzie website for the rest of the nominees. The nominees for Worst Picture of 2012 are: Battleship, Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure, That's My Boy!, A Thousand Words, and Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part Two. The winners will be announced on the eve of the Oscars, February 23rd.

This year, Breaking Dawn Part Two came in with the most nominations including Worst Picture and Worst Actors for all three stars. It was also the first film to receive dual Worst Couple awards, one for Bella and Edward and one for Jacob's creepy relationship with Edward and Bella's C.G. baby, Renesmee.