Real-Life Wedding Crashers Tell-All!

Whether you've been crashed or done it yourself, the lure of free booze, a raging dance floor, or even the chance to sneak a spin with the bride and groom is bucket-list-worthy. These real-life wedding crashers spill their stories.

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Older and Wiser

"A group of little old ladies came into the restaurant where we had our wedding. They walked around for a few minutes and sat at one of the tables. My mother-in-law didn't recognize them, figured they were from my list, and went over to greet them. When she asked how they knew Barbie, they said, 'Oh we're here for Lindsey's wedding, but yours looked so much nicer, so we figured we'd stay.'" -- Barbie

Pool Party

"Our wedding was held in my parents' backyard that happens to have a swimming pool. Two teenage kids pulled around the back, came flying out of the dark, stripped down to their undies, and jumped off the diving board. They got out and left as fast as they came in! My cousin, who asked me about it the next day, thought it was part of the party!" -- Danielle

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Crafty Crashers

"A few crashers came in to sign a picture frame that was the guest book at my friend's wedding. They wrote 'YOU WERE CRASHED!' at the top of the frame and drew mustaches on the bride and groom's photo." -- LeeAnn

Looking for Love

"My husband and I met at a wedding that he was crashing solo and that I was attending with my parents. He told me that night he thought he had an invite, but I later learned he went because there were quite a few single (and pretty) ladies at this wedding. It worked. We were married a year later!" -- Marilyn

Photoshop Required

"We went to a friend's destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. The ceremony was held on the beach, and random people (meaning a topless woman and chubby men in Speedos) were walking up and down the aisle while the bridesmaids, flower girl, and bride were walking to the altar. After the ceremony, pictures were being taken of the bride and groom on the beach. Every photo has the topless woman and our guy in the Speedo for the background." -- Madisonpenny

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Considerate Crashers

"At my wedding, I have a photo of us talking to a couple that my husband and I didn't know. I showed the picture to both sides of the family, and it turns out that no one knew them. We also had one gift without a tag that was never matched to anyone. So if they least they brought steak knives!" -- Muffin'sMom

Not So Chicken

"My husband and I crashed a wedding at a hotel where we were staying for our first-year anniversary. The reception was being held at the bar on the top floor where we'd wandered up for a drink. The drunken groom made a beeline for us, engulfed me in a sweaty hug, and thanked us for coming. We couldn't be bad guests, so we had no choice but to grab a Budweiser and take our place on the dance floor for the second round of the 'Chicken Dance.' We still have our favor from the evening: a 'Jessie and Tina's Lovin' Love Songs' CD with their handsome photo on the cover." -- Amjones

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

"My husband and I were in California and our hotel was hosting a wedding, so we decided to go in. We danced to 'Shout' just like in Wedding Crashers, and a guy even pulled me into the middle of the dance circle! We decided to leave after that, but we made sure to sign the guest book!" -- Haley

Catchy Crashers

"My fiance and I went to a wedding (uninvited) with some friends. We didn't know anyone, and guests kept looking at us like 'Who are they?' We spent the night dancing, and eventually people stopped staring at us...until I caught the bouquet and he caught the garter!" -- Nicole

Drink, Please

"A few years ago, my family went to my cousin's wedding (whom I'd never met), where two weddings were happening at the same hall. My sister and her boyfriend accidentally went to the wrong wedding, where they signed the guest book and were handed two free drink tickets before realizing they were in the wrong place. After telling us the story, I decided to do the same because, unfortunately, the wedding we were attending had a cash bar! So we went to the other wedding, and straight to the bar, got our free drinks, and danced with the bride and her friends until the song ended." -- MissKate2011

Caught in the Action "We had a random guy in khaki shorts walk into our reception. Apparently, he saw the signs near the elevator stating to please join us on the roof for dinner and drinks, and decided he wanted to come. He probably figured out that it was a private party when he saw a bride making 'Who the hell are YOU?' eyes at him, and he tried to escape. It was an awkward minute or three while he waited for the elevator, knowing he had been caught crashing." -- KimheartsscottPhoto: Meghan Aileen Photography

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