Rejection vs Thanks

I wrote a while back about rejection and a parent's unconditional love. There are so many different types of rejection it would seem saying no to a gift would be insignificant. Yet, if you look at the intent rather than the gift itself - you realize "Every act of Kindness is a Gift." I have heard many times how actions speak lounder than words so let me tell you a short story. I recently donated a piece of handmade jewerly to a local church, they were raising funds for education. I told them to add it to the things being auctioned and gave them a estimated value for bidding pursposes. Today I received a thank you letter from the church telling me 100% of any funds raised went directly to the school children. They did not tell me how much the piece actually sold for but rather said I could use the estimated amount as a tax deduction if I choose. I have not had a real job since I lost my job working for the government, but it was so kind of them to at least acknowledge my gift. On the down side I have been donating jewerly, art, handmade clothing and handmade blankets to various charities since before I lost my job and this is the first letter of thanks I have received. It cost the Church, 44 cents to mail me a thank you letter, but the joy it brought, encourgages me to continue to create jewelry, art, handmade clothing and handmade blankets. It truly is not about the act of giving, but rather the act of giving thanks.