Ron Burgundy (AKA Will Ferrell) Officially Announces 'Anchorman' Sequel!

It's official: Ron Burgundy (or Will Ferrell, if you prefer) is coming back to the big screen in Anchorman 2!

Lucia Peters,

Ron BurgundyRon Burgundy

And I DO mean Ron Burgundy. Or perhaps more accurately, Will Ferrell AS Ron Burgundy, but come on. Isn't it just that much more fun to say that Ron Burgundy himself made the announcement?

Anyway, the intrepid newsman mad a surprise appearance on Conan on Wednesday night-and he brought his flute. Shenanigans ensued, among them the news that every Anchorman fan has been waiting for since the film's original 2004 release: The official announcement of an Anchorman sequel. Hoorah! Here, check it out.

Genius? Genius. Anchorman 2 has been a long time coming; though it was announced in 2008 that a sequel was in the works , by 2010, it had apparently been scrapped . It looks like it's back on now, though, and we have it from the mouth of the man himself! I don't know about you, Bettys, but I can't wait.

According to the Hollywood Reporter , much of the principle cast from the first film is expected to return for the sequel; it also noted that in the eight years (egad! Has it really been that long?) since Anchorman's release, many of said principle cast members' careers have taken off in a big way, among them Steve Carell and Paul Rudd. Happily, both Steve and Paul are set to return for Anchorman 2, though we're still waiting on whether Christina Applegate, Chris Parnell, and Fred Willard will as well.

No word on a release date yet-this is perhaps unsurprising, given that the film hasn't even gone into production yet-but that's okay. We can wait. We've waited this long already, haven't we? So in the meantime, sit back, grab a scotch, put some yazz flute on the record player, and relaaaaaaax.


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