Save Cash—And the Planet

Holly Hays, SELF magazine

Not that you need a bribe to be goo to Mother Earth, but becoming greener can also net you more dinero. Who wouldn't love that?

Tout your eco-ness dishes out deals on popular household brands. Earn points by logging on every time you do something earth-friendly (like recycling a plastic bag), and get coupons in return. Annual savings: $133

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Eat more veggies
Red meat wins the dubious title of Food With the Biggest Carbon Footprint. Skip it twice a week ti slash up to 900 pounds of emissions a year and save coin. Proof: A four-back of beef burgers costs about $9, versus $5 for the veggie variety. Make the switch simple-use our recipe finder for delish meatless ideas.
Annual savings: $416

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Ditch techy clutter
Odds are, you've got at least one flip phone or ancient MP3 player dying a slow death in ad rawer somewhere. Mail them in to, or The sites will recycle the parts and give you cash (about $52 for an iPod).
Annual savings: $200

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See the light
If you've switched to energy-saving bulbs, you deserve a prize. (We know they don't always give off a warm glow). Register your utility bills at For each month you spend less than the year before, you'll get points to use at spas, cafes and more.
Annual savings: $360

And guess what? You'll pocket $1,109!

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