Scout’s Honor: 7 Celebrities Who Used to Be Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts turned celebs...Girl Scouts turned celebs...Girl Scouts has proclaimed this the "Year of the Girl," celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts organization by Juliette Gordon Low.

While many are celebrating by gobbling up boxes of those incredibly delicious cookies (or "Suburan Kryptonite" … or whatever you want to call them), we're celebrating by taking a look at 7 celebrities who got their starts selling cookies and earning badges, just like millions of American girls throughout the years!

Take a look at these celeb former Scouts below:

Katie CouricKatie Couric
1. Katie Couric
The ABC Good Morning America star recently wrote on her blog about her "years of enthusiasm" for Scouting and how much she loved being a Girl Scout. She was even asked to deliver the keynote speech at their annual convention in Houston this past November.

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Susan LucciSusan Lucci
2. Susan Lucci
This soap star famous for her role as Erica Kane in All My Children got her acting start in the leading role for her Girl Scout troop's play. She writes in her book, All My Life: "I had no idea how the troop leaders knew that I wanted to be an actress more than anything else in the world, but I sure was glad they sought me out and that they thought I could do it."

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton
3. Hillary Clinton
The 67th first lady was a Girl Scout throughout her childhood and early teenage years. She even occasionally wore her Scout uniform to school in the 9th grade! Hilary's daughter, Chelsea, followed in her mom's footsteps as a Girl Scout throughout her childhood as well.

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Mariah CareyMariah Carey
4. Mariah Carey
It's hard to believe this pop diva was once a little girl going door to door selling Girl Scout cookies! We wonder if little Monroe will follow in her footsteps ...

Barbara WaltersBarbara Walters
5. Barbara Walters
This interview extraordinaire got her start as an American leader just like so many other girls in the U.S. - as a Girl Scout!

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Martha StewartMartha Stewart
6. Martha Stewart
Before flower arrangements and cooking up other "good things," Martha Stewart got her start selling cookies and earning badges. Somehow we're guessing she'd sewed all her patches on herself ...

Sheryl CrowSheryl Crow
7. Sheryl Crow
This country music star was the all-American girl during her younger years in Missouri. Along with exploring her musical talents, she ran All-State track, was a member of the National Honor Society, was crowned the local "Paperdoll Queen," and of course, was a Girl Scout!

- By Amy Soukup

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