Searching for the Best Way to Say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’

Roses are red, violets are blue -- quick, we need something that rhymes with "I love you." That's right, it's almost Valentine's Day, and that means it's time to express how you feel in card form. So budding romantics have taken to the Web to search for just the right way to say it. Lovey-dovey searches on Yahoo! for "short valentine's day poems" are up an emotional 800% in the past day alone.

What says love better than a rhyme, after all? (OK, chocolate is nice, too.) With a little cybersearching, the hope is that even the most tongue-tied can come up with something sweet to say, preferably in rhyme scheme.

Would-be rhymesters are looking up "rhyming dictionary," "valentine's day word search," "valentine rhymes," "valentine's poems," "valentine messages," "valentine quotes," "printable valentine's day cards," "valentine's day ecards," and "valentine's day clip art." Well, someone special will get a nice crafty surprise.

By the way, searches are also up on "when is valentine's day," so pay attention: It's Monday, February 14.

Last year, we asked readers to chime in with their best shot at a Valentine's Day poem. And wow, did you deliver. Yahoo! user Luvtobe left this gem:

Roses are RED, Violets BLUE
Yes it is true
It's Valentine's Day

Cute. Or how about this one from Thetagal:

Roses are red, violets are blue
Forget-me-not, I love you.

Or perhaps this one on a more practical line from Elizabeth:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Make me some stew
and I'll love you

If you prefer to compare your beloved to a summer's day -- it may be time to consult with the granddaddy of Valentine's Day rhymes, and review Shakespeare's sonnets to try composing your own. Other immortal words can be found from poets -- Rumi, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, or the original Romantic, Lord Byron.

Have we inspired you yet? Please leave your love poems in the Comments section below. For help, try the Rhyme Zone dictionary. Its suggestions for words that go with love: glove, shove, gov, Catherine Deneuve. That should get you going.

- By Claudine Zap