Shine Essay Contest

The female who inspires me the most is my four-year old daughter. Yes, you read that right! I'm a single mother and for the last 3 years have been working full time, going to school in the evenings, and doing my best to be a mother and father on my own. Every day, my daughter is the one person who is able to inspire me to keep going. To put one foot in front of the other on days I don't think I can go any further. Every morning I wake up, she is the one who makes me want to be and do my best. She makes me want to succeed when I no longer think it's possible, and when I want to give up, she's there to remind me why I can't. As much as I have been there for her, she's been there for me twice as much without even realizing it. Despite all the hardships and struggles we've gone through, she's inspired me to be the person I am today, and the even better person I will be in the future :)