Shine parenting poll: kids and "me time"

Growing up, I remember my mom dreamily staring into the distance and waxing on about how she'd love a half-hour, just thirty little minutes, of uninterrupted tub time. Candles, bubbles, and complete silence. Four crazy kids flipping off the couch, bouncing basketballs in the house, and getting into loving brawls, made her 'me time' next to impossible.

Now, with all four of us out of the house, she is finally able to enjoy that well deserved time to herself.
But what about you? We want to know:

When you are dreaming about the 'me time' you'd like, what does it look like?

Is it as simple as a bath and opening a book? Or is it a lush vacation in the Greek isles? And, if you have children living in your home, do you set any time aside for yourself?

Moms, tell us: What's your fantasy 'me time'?