Should You Try to Look Your Age?

Demi Moore's fabulous long hair, Susan Sarandon's cleavage, and Michelle Obama's biceps all suggest that in 2009, there are fewer rules about "dressing your age" than ever. But the issue does require a little savvy. Pilates-devotees may look great in a short skirt during any decade, but after 40, wearing, say, a cheerleader skirt, gets tricky.

10 beauty mistakes that add 10 years.

The Times Online assembled a How Not to Look Old-esque list of how to work it, and we extracted the following gems: They claim bright lipstick can look like you're trying too hard, and while we'd agree that trends like black and green might look harsh, a lady in red always looks winsome. A stiff bouffant is listed under ways to date yourself, but a classic updo paired with a sleeveless number is Audrey Hepburn chic all the way. And the rule of the game is no rules, but we couldn't resist this maxim from French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld, who gets it right every time: "...snake is better on older women than leopard." So true, so true. You tell us: Do you feel the need to alter your beauty and style choices as the years go by, or is "dressing your age" a thing of the past?

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-- Erin Flaherty

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