Six BlackBerry Tips and Tricks to Streamline Your Time

Truth be told, if you're addicted to your BlackBerry you'll probably never get tired of hearing about BlackBerry tips that help make your life easier, right? The more the merrier! So check out this roundup of just that - apps that get you streamlined, and tips to make things easier on the go.

  1. Shut Down Apps Properly - If you've noticed your battery gets low on juice quicker than usual, it could be that you aren't shutting down your apps properly. Find out how to do it right with this tip.
  2. Quickly Search Your Email - The iPhone has Spotlight to help you search your inbox, but find out how to perform a similar trick with your BlackBerry.
  3. Find and Buy Movie Tickets on the Go - Don't bother going to the theater early to check movie listings and times. Just scope it out whenever you get a free moment with the new Fandango App for BlackBerry.
  4. Read Books on Your BlackBerry -You can save a few hundred bucks by reading books on your BlackBerry Kindle App instead of buying a real Kindle. Just sayin'.
  5. Stop the Annoying Telemarketing Calls -The PrivacyStar App for BlackBerry helps you eliminate those annoying and unwanted telemarketing calls from ringing your cell.
  6. Separate Your Emails and Texts - If you are still receiving your emails and texts in the same inbox, make your life a lot simpler by separating them with the help of this easy tip.
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