small changes that can bring in happiness

You ever find yourself saying " i just want to be happy"!
Take a look around at what is preventing you from being happier:

1. the circle of friends that you surround yourself by: if they put you down or bring you down by their negative vibes then stop contact with them "Don't make excuses regardless how long you have known them
2.Your sanctuary aka: your home is it clean or is clutter everywhere ? start donating items or trash it
3. Everyday be thankful for everything that you have specially life"

4. Start focusing on ways to release any stress you might have by working out

5. You are what you eat : therefore start eating food that is great for your mood and body
Salmon, Fruit, H 2o

6. Create a dream box or board by cutting out images , or placing photos that make you smile even if it's stilettos !

7. Always remember to pay it fwd : do unto others as you would want done to you=)