Work Smarter, Not Harder: 5 Tips for Running Your Own Business

10 tips from Alt Summit10 tips from Alt SummitIf you're at all active in the blogosphere or online design world, you may have heard of Alt Summit, a conference for design, lifestyle and fashion bloggers that recently took place in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This year Susan Petersen spoke on a four-person panel to the whole conference about advanced blogging skills. Her focus was on passive income and working smarter, not harder. Alison Faulkner taught a hands-on class on Saturday about the benefits of adding video to your site, and then helped people learn how to edit videos in iMovie.

Even if you missed out on the conference or didn't follow the subsequent news, we've got a roundup of tips from yours truly.

5 Tips for Working Smarter, Not Harder, from Susan Petersen:

1.) You don't need to have all of your ducks in a row, you just need a duck!
You've got a great idea, but you hold back on pushing it live because you don't have everything sorted. I say, push it out! User experience and trusted friends will help you get it right.

2.) Content is king.
That being said, once it's pushed out, get to work on making it the best. Take the feedback and make improvements.

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3.) Create systems.
Everything in your business should have a system from the way you take photographs to the way you publish a blog post, work on systems. Once you can easily teach someone the way that you do something, then you have a system. And THEN you can start to generate passive income.

4.) Do what you do best, and hire out the rest.
What do you like to do, and what are you good at? Do only that and hire everything else out.

5.) You can not be the entrepreneur and engineer in your own business, so split them up.
Both roles have opposing goals and values. Keep that in mind when hiring out, don't hire a better version of you, hire someone that does the things that you don't want to.

Susan speaking at Alt SummitSusan speaking at Alt Summit

- By Alison Faulkner
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