Soiree Essentials: 6 must have purse-sized primpers

clutch.jpgStop stuffing the contents of your makeup case into a pint-sized clutch! Instead, pack smarter with five look-saving essentials that will keep you gorgeous into the wee hours - after the jump.

Tokyo Milk Petit Parfum Solide in Scarlet, $18 Dab this fragrance-based balm on pulse points to refresh your scent or rub it into cuticles to sooth with shea butter. Get it here.

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Rohto V. Cool Lubricant Eye Drops, $7 Last minute zit? Dab the spot with a drop! The same ingredient that wipes away red eyes will also calm crimson skin. Get it here.

Modelco Turbo Lash Wand, $33 A stroke with this heated curler wakes up eyes by lifting lashes and smoothing clumps. Party on! Get it here.

Embrace In Place Fashion Tape, $9
Avoid reliving Janet Jackson's Superbowl slip by pressing a skin friendly sticky between your dress and chest...just in case. Get it here.

Go SMiLE Touch Up in Watermelon Mint, $35 for 30 Each tiny tube pairs minty-fresh flavor with a dose of hydrogen peroxide that polishes away stains before they set. Pass the red wine, please! Get it here.

Oscar Blandi Lacca Hairspray for Volume and Hold, $11
This sugar-based spray sets styles, adds volume and even soaks up grime. Just spray on fingers and rub your roots. Get it here.

In An Instant Heidi Klum Instant Wrinkle Smoother, $40 Smooth sneaky wrinkles, stat! The gel's moisture spheres fill in lines in sixty seconds without messing up makeup. Get it here.

What are your beauty essentials for a holiday party?

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