Someday is NOW

By Stephenie Zamora ,

It's all about NOW. It's all about NOW. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but if you've been thinking that someday you'll find the right man, get a real job, have the right friends or suddenly be OKAY, it's not going to happen.


This moment is really all there is. The past is over and the future is unknown, yet that is where we choose to live, rather than in the present moment. We believe that the things we are experiencing now, they aren't real. Real life... happy and fulfilling life, that's down the road. That's yet to come.

What we fail to realize is that RIGHT NOW, we're living in a "someday" from the past. And in this frame of mind, we will constantly be striving for someday in the future, when everything will just fall into place, effectively MISSING OUT on the life we're supposed to be living NOW in order to create that.

All we have is this moment.

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There's nothing else. If you stop thinking about the future, stop pretending that all you need is for "someday" to arrive to be happy, you'll be able to take a good hard look at your life. Your REAL life. There is no better apartment with more home-like decor... there is only the tiny little apartment that you never fully moved into. There is no dream guy, with perfect hair and complete adoration for you... there is only the guy you have right now.

I don't mean to sound depressing, but it's time for a reality check. This life you're living right now. This IS IT. This is ALL there is! So why are you wasting time settling now, in hopes of magically producing (or stumbling into?) something better in the future? With this mentality, you will forever live in a state of mediocrity. Settling for less than you deserve and passing it off as "temporary."

Tell me, why don't you deserve the BEST guy now? The completely adorable and decorated home, NOW? Why don't you deserve to have work that fulfills you? This is your "someday," this is your ONLY day. Why aren't you making it the best it can be?

So you don't love where you're at now? I've got an easy solution for you.

Show up.

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To every moment, every interaction and every experience. Fully and completely, in your best outfit, with your hair done up and a "this is it and I'm going to make it the absolute best it can possibly be" attitude.

When you show up for your life, totally present and ready to rock every experience, you're going to find that someday has finally arrived. You'lle no longer be settling for less than you deserve and, even better, you'll be living a life that is remarkable. One that is filled with memories, laughter, excitment and JOY. All because instead of waiting around for time to pass and "someday" to arrive, you made today THE BEST DAY it could possible be.

Take Action Now!

Take a good hard look at the things that you say to others and yourself. What areas of your life do you look at with a "someday" mentality? How can you make TODAY the best day of your life? Where do you need to stop settling? Be honest with yourself, because you deserve to live an amazing life TODAY.

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