Sovereign or Slave? Your Business is a Reflection

Kathleen HanaganKathleen Hanagan

When you are aligned with your infinite soul, you have already arrived at your destiny, and you are sovereign in your own life. Independent of circumstance-the rich man can be the poorest person in the land, if he is not at peace in his heart, while the slave can be the wealthiest, if he nurtures the spirit of freedom and abundance in the place that cannot be imprisoned by another. What makes the difference?

One holds the vision inside and lives it in every thought and deed, while the other is striving for that which can never be attained through money or fame.

As a business owner, this distinction in ourselves is something we must face every day. There is so much to do, and the basic teaching by most business coaches is to take "massive action" to achieve your goals of success. There is certainly a great deal of action to be taken, and I want to address some distinctions which will support you in any action you take.

It is time to be liberated from the ordinary way of doing things, and let go of the old paradigm of DO, HAVE, BE. When we align with the higher frequency of the soul, the shift is to BE, HAVE, DO.

You address the soul to attain liberation and success and abundance naturally flows when you are no longer in conflict, and you take inspired action to reach the people you are meant to serve. The emphasis here is on inspired not massive.

The soul has its own ambition, and is very different from that of the ego. The latter does not care whose head gets stepped on, nor whether the person paying you money gets the results you promise. The ambition of the soul is balanced with humility, which gives it great power. Ghandi and Mother Teresa had ambition, or they could not have done what they did. The ambition of the soul always takes into account the Greater Good.

You cannot control your destiny, but you can take charge as the creator you are. That has everything to do with the dream inside you that you are willing to make your own, and express as a conscious vision for your life. You must be willing to be a little fanatic, and not get de-railed by those still teaching from the old paradigm.

You must really want it, and BELIEVE that it is possible. This dream+your destiny=your purpose.

When you express your light at the highest level, you hold a clear mirror for others to see the way, and generate a powerful magnetic field. This devotion at the level of the heart allows us to bypass mundane time/space reality, and make connections with just the right people who can support the vision we have been nurturing.

If it is your calling to use your business as the vehicle for your light to shine and your vision to be realized, you begin by laying one brick at a time, creating a matrix which is like a mandala, with all points leading back to the center, which is you. You reach out to people you know, meeting with them and sharing your vision. You can use email, social media if you are so inclined, and speaking locally at first. You consciously put energy into many different places at once, creating a grid of energy to support the vision you carry.

I call this your supreme initiative: that which you have come here to do, no matter what it asks of you. And in the process, you must let go of the sad/mad/afraid parts of you if your authentic soul self is to be realized.

It is truly the biggest yearning of everyone! And again if your business is a vehicle for this realization in your life, you must be clear about 3 things:

1. You must have precision and clarity of purpose

"People who have no vision for their lives are sleepwalking without a hint as to why they are here or what their purpose is. They are drifting along on the currents of the culture's conditioned beliefs without discerning for themselves whether those beliefs are harmful or beneficial, progressive or regressive"~Michael Beckwith

It is this clarity which will allow you to reach the people you are meant to reach, and will inform your marketing and all the actions you take in your business. If having a balanced life is part of your vision, and you are working 60 hours in your business, you must step back and come back into alignment, or your will not be happy and free, no matter how much money you make!

2. You must get clear about money

"You are right when you think, Money isn't everything. You certainly do not need money to have joy in your experience. But in your society-where so much of what you live is tied to money in some way-most of you associate money with freedom. And since freedom is a basic tenet of your being, then coming into alignment with money will help you establish a balanced footing that will be of value to you in all. " Abraham

Your soul is not in conflict around money and abundance. There is always unlimited abundance available. Many programs stress raising your rates so that only a certain few can use your services. Is that in alignment with your vision and values? You must find your way with this, and a coach can help you with your blind spots, but following the crowd on this matter will not bring you joy.

3. You must let love guide you

"When I dare to be powerful - to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid." Audre Lorde

Love trumps fear every time!! It is just that we get seduced into the fear-based thinking that highlights our inadequacies, and keeps us attached to old wounds. Fear is karmic, not destiny!

A daily spiritual practice that grounds you in your main mission which is to be a messenger of love on this planet is key. It can be the sitting kind or a good run on the beach. Just make it conscious and an opportunity to connect to the love you are.

It takes talents, gifts, dedication, and commitment to be a messenger. You must let go of the idea that certain things are important, and keep your eyes open to see what is being asked of you. Don't compare, but learn from what you see. Choose to be sovereign in your life and business, and not a slave to anyone else's ideas.

"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do."Sarah Ban Breathnach

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