Stain-busters that really work

At home or on the go, these products will help you get the spot out.

Bleach Pen

Problem: There's a spot on your white shirt, but you don't want to douse it with bleach and risk damaging the garment.
Solution: The new Clorox Bleach Pen lets you pinpoint stains with a fine-point applicator. (Bonus: It works on mildewed tile, too.)
To buy: $3, at supermarkets, Costco, Target, and Wal-Mart.

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Stain Eliminator

Problem: Fruitless attempts at stain removal make your garments pucker.
Solution: Tide Buzz, created by Tide and Black & Decker, is a kind of Water Pik for clothes. It's equipped with an electrically charged wand that injects the stain with cleaning fluid.
To buy: $30,

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Powder Bleach

Problem: You've got a striped shirt with a stain on the white part―but you can't add bleach to a washer full of multicolored clothes.
Solution: Biz is a color-safe powder bleach that can be used with detergent or on its own as a pre-soak. It noticeably reduces stains and improves overall whiteness.
To buy: $9, at supermarkets.

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Spot-Remover Towelettes
Problem: You get a splotch on your business-trip suit when you're half a world away from your dry cleaner.
Solution: Madame Paulette's Professional Stain Removal Kit is a purse-friendly stash of stain-lifting towelettes.
To buy: $50 for 5 kits,

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