Stay Cool on the Cheap: How to Save on A/C Costs This Summer

A/CA/CWhen temps soar you may rely on the AC to chill out but the costs of constantly running the air conditioning system in your home can add up quickly, doubling or tripling your electricity bill throughout the summer. Rather than pay more to beat the heat, you can try some unique ways of lowering the temps, conserving more energy, and saving more money.

Check out these top tips for staying cool and saving on A/C costs!

Schedule A/C Maintenance

When you do have to use the air conditioning system in your home, make sure they are properly cleaned and serviced before each summer season. If the filter is dirty and clogged, the air conditioner will have to work harder to do its job and as a result, more electricity will be used.

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Eat Fresh

The less you have to turn on the oven or stove top during the summer months, the less heat you will generate in the house. On the hottest days, fix the family some fresh foods like salads or sandwiches to prevent extra heat. Save any necessary baking or cooking for the cooler nights after the sun goes down.

Low A/C Action in High Humidity

During the summer days when the humidity is very high, the experts at the US Department of Energy recommend setting your air conditioner speed on low. This will allow the air going through the conditioner to move slower and as a result, more humidity will be removed from the air coming back out. Often it is the humidity that is stifling and not the heat.

Prep the Basement

If you have a basement in your home, it will likely be 10 or more degrees cooler down there than in any other part of the house and the best part is it is naturally cooled. Even if you don't normally hang out in the basement, create a small area where the family can hang out during the hottest days of the summer. It's a great place to play a board game or read a book without having to utilize extra energy.

-By Anna Newell Jones

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