Stow and Go! 7 Tips for Fitting Everything You Need in a Carry-on Bag

Checking bags for many is no big deal. For me, though, it's one of those things I avoid like the plague. It started before airlines started charging you for your luggage. I even packed a carry-on for my honeymoon, to my husband's utter joy. My husband and I share our love of packing efficiently and being able to leave the airport as soon as we deplane and not have to wait for our bags. If you can't understand how it is even remotely possible to take everything you need in a rollaboard that conforms to TSA regulations, just keep reading. Check out the video I made while I was packing for 6 days:

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Here are 7 tips when packing just a carry-on:

  1. Check the weather: if it's raining at your destination, suede is never a good idea. Don't take a heavy coat unless it's really cold; a leather jacket is easier to pack and ideal for cool (not cold) weather.
  2. Always pack at least one cardigan, even if you're traveling to a tropical resort. Cashmere is ideal because it is lightweight and provides warmth.
  3. Pick a neutral color palette (brown, black, navy or white) for your basic garments. Dark blue jeans are extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down.
  4. Add a couple of tops in different colors or prints to add color and use accessories such as a statement necklace or lightweight scarf to change your look from day to night.
  5. Plan on 3 pairs of shoes. For warmer destinations, pack at least one sandal, a neutral wedge or pair of heels, and comfortable shoes for walking. When visiting a cold city, pack a comfortable, neutral pair of flats, a pair of heels and a pair of boots.
  6. Wear your bulkiest shoes on your flight to save packing space.
  7. Pare down your makeup and toiletry bag to what you will really use. And remember all containers must be 3 oz. or less.
-By Jeannette Kaplun
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