Can Style and Positive Cash Flow Go Hand in Hand?

Camille GainesCamille Gaines

As much as we want to grow our money, we all want to be surrounded with things we love, both in our homes, as well as in our closets. It may seem as though this principle could interfere with the important step of creating positive cash flow in order to save money. However, by shifting your mindset to one of "savvy smart spending", you'll gain the ability to live a life filled with those things you cherish, while also using your money wisely.

Recently a panel of three very impressive IBM executives presented at the Texas State Applied Entrepreneurship program in which I am participating. Each woman was impeccably dressed, something you don't often see in the casual environment of Austin. The topic of image came into the discussion; all three of these women emphasized the importance of dressing in a way that projects confidence. .

Heading out the door in the morning dressed in clothes that express your personal style is a pure reflection of your image. Your image is something that is unique to only you; it's something to be nurtured and developed. This habit will promote confidence and leadership, which can only enhance your life both personally and professionally. Let's face it; these important traits are harder to exude when you are wearing that dated outfit in an unflattering color that no longer quite fits.

Living a life with both style and positive cash flow is not only doable, but it's one of the Financial Woman principles. Below are a few tips for "savvy smart spending" when it comes to feeling and looking your best. They are all simple, yet can have a dramatic effect on your style.

First, always buy the best quality that your spending plan allows. Top quality doesn't have to equate to expensive since consignment stores and online services are excellent options for acquiring designer clothes at exceptional prices.

Build a wardrobe with the basics around two neutral and one or two other colors that coordinate. Use scarves and unique jewelry to add pizazz and extra style.

Weed items from your closet ruthlessly. Twenty percent of most wardrobe pieces gets worn eighty percent of the time. Give the items you no longer love to a charitable organization; the added bonus is that giving invites abundance into your life.

Shop with a purpose; when your wardrobe is organized, you are very aware when you have three similar black skirts. You'll be much less tempted to buy when you see yet another one on the clearance rack; this allows you to focus time and money on items that will complete your wardrobe.

Buy only what you need and love. This is the key to dressing in a way that truly reflects your style and image. Ask yourself if you would feel confident if you bumped into your favorite client before choosing an outfit for an event.

Host a clothing swap with girlfriends. Think of how many times your favorite item becomes just a little too tight, or simply no longer works with your lifestyle. This same piece may be perfect for one of your friends. Pool the unclaimed items and take them to a women's shelter.

The "savvy smart spending" principle invites you to dress in a way that reflects your style and image. This makes you feel rich and confident, even when you know the bargain secret behind that perfect designer find. Begin noticing the difference in how you feel when you dress in clothes you love, regardless of where you are. When you dress your best, you feel your best. Embrace that little jolt of joy that comes from dressing your best and you'll never want to dress any other way. Reflect an image of your highest and best self.

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