Supermarket Do’s and Don’ts: What do you consider acceptable shopping behavior?

We polled our readers on what is acceptable (or not!) when it comes to shopping behavior. What do you think?

Shopping in Your Pajamas

86% DON'T: "I'm not a dressing-up kind of girl-I am and always have been a huge tomboy. But I would still never go anywhere in my pj's!"
14% DO: "I'm a mother and if I need to go to the store, I go when I have the chance-pajama pants or not. I may not even have clean laundry! I am not lazy or sloppy, just busy."

Talking on Your Cell Phone During Checkout

93% DON'T: "It's rude to multitask on the phone while interacting. My husband does this often and it embarrasses me, so I take over and talk to the person for him."
7% DO: "Sometimes I need to take a call while shopping-especially if it's my family. I apologize to the cashier, though, and always end the call before finalizing my purchase."

Walking Past a Spill And Reporting It

75% DO: "I don't want to walk into a mess! I would let someone know, but hopefully the person who did it has already told a clerk."
20% DON'T: "I'm always in such a hurry at the store. I barely have time to shop for myself, let alone report a mess that wasn't even mine!"

Holding Up the Line for a Price Check

89% DO: "You have to check prices because mistakes happen all the time. I hate to hold people up, but I don't feel guilty!"
11% DON'T: "If you're in the express lane, be courteous and head to the help counter after completing your purchase instead of holding everyone up."

Disciplining Children in the Store

89% DO: "Kids act worse if they know they can get their way. When my son acts up, I put him in the
closest corner for a short time-out while I shop within sight. "
11% DON'T: "Not unless it's a major offense. I have a rambunctious 3-year-old, and little things are not worth the battle!"

Sampling in the Produce Section or the Salad Bar

92% DON'T: "Yuck! Would you let your kids stick their hands into a dish at dinner? Then why would you do the same thing at the store?"
8% DO: "I'll taste a grape to see if they're sour or not before buying."

By Nicole Jones | Illustration by Arthur Mount